Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Friday, November 18, 2011

Still learning

Do you ever have those moments when you suddenly realize that you've missed out on something for YEARS that would have made life so much easier? One of those, "Oh, duh!" moments when your palm makes contact with your forehead?

I just had (another) one of those.

Even after four children, I have never thought of a way to keep the mess from the booster seat off the chair. We came pretty close to ruining some of our nice dining room chairs during the toddler years and have designated one wooden kitchen chair as "THE booster seat chair". In fact, the booster seat just stays on there so we don't have to risk sitting on something gross. Even though Gabe has been out of the booster for at least two years.

But just a few moments ago, I saw a picture of a booster seat with a towel between the bottom of the booster and the seat of the chair. Really??? It can be that simple? Good grief!

So now, in a few months, when Jesse begins eating solids, you better believe that we'll be putting a towel under our booster. And clean up will be a cinch!

Ahhh ... life with kids just got a little better.

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  1. haha :) I'm surprised you spotted that in the photo--it wasn't very obvious! we actually only do it at my parents' and Steve's parents', where their seats are upholstered. we don't bother here, with the result that we have one particularly gross wooden chair too :) ours haven't been stained and varnished yet, though (we bought them unfinished with the idea that Steve would finish them...riiiight) so we don't really care! glad you picked up a helpful tip for baby #5...never too old to learn, huh? we can't wait to meet Jesse either!