Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Monday, November 19, 2012


It has been a delightful week with my man home on vacation. And since I've had so much time with him, I'm feeling a little sappy.

I ran across a book full of poems that Josh's grandpa wrote to his grandma as they were dating and married. It gives such a sweet picture into his heart for her. My favorite poem is titled "If". He was in the navy and must have written it just before heading out to sea. Enjoy. And please don't copy it without permission.


If I were a poet or author,
I'd write a poem about you.
But all I am is a sailor,
Hoping and praying you're true.

If I were a singer of lyrics
A composer that writes his mind,
I'd write and sing a song about you
That would leave all others behind.

If I were a statesman in congress
Or boss of a ship on the sea,
I'd speak of the love I want you to have
For a lonely old fellow like me.

If I were a king in Europe,
Or a poor civilian back home
And had you I'd call you and tell you,
Just why I would never more roam.

If I were a man of expression
Or a preacher with every nice thought,
I could only express the half of my love
That being with you has wrought.

Alas, I am only a sailor
But all that I say is still true,
And all of the powers on earth couldn't stop me
From saving all my love just for you.

I know you are only a maiden,
With a heart that is pure and true.
But please believe when I tell you,
That this lonely sailor loves you.

So long, my darling, I'm leaving
But I shall return someday
To be yours and love you and keep you
And make you happy to stay.
Maybe I'm not a poet
Or captain of a ship, that's true.
What I am tho, darling, I'll tell you,
Is very much in love with you.

- Kenny Ray Keller

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