Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boy or Girl? Ultrasound Results are In!

We had our ultrasound today for baby #6. And while I'd love to show you pictures, my scanner isn't cooperating with my computer.

First, let me say that this little one is healthy and growing well. We could see the little fingers and toes, legs and arms. What a wonderful sight!

We brought the kids with us to the ultrasound and showed them their little sibling on the screen. Jesse began to dance when the baby's heartbeat was put on speaker. I can just imagine that these two will be thick as theives and likely get into much trouble together!

We did find out today that my due date is a bit off. By my calculations, I should be 19 weeks along. Apparently getting pregnant while nursing can cause your dates to be a bit off. So, now I'm due May 10th instead of May 1st. Which actually works out much better in my spring schedule. (And yes, I'm being a little silly here. But really it will be much easier to travel halfway across the country in March if the baby is a little smaller.)

And now, I know you're all dying to know if it's a boy or a girl. So many of you have said how you're praying for a girl so that Abby can have a sister. She has also been echoing that same prayer. But Josh and I have always said that we want whatever the Lord feels will fit best in our family. He must want us to have a full boy's basketball team because we're getting our fifth BOY!! There's no doubt about gender after how this little guy was showing off during the ultrasound.

We're so thankful for this little man and are praising God for knittng him together in such a perfect way. Please continue to pray for his health and growth as we continue through the pregnancy.

And for those of you feeling sorry for Abby - it's not all bad. She's the only Brumbaugh kid who will be able to have her own room. Quite a perk in a house with six kids!


  1. Congratulations, Ali & Josh! We are looking forward to meeting our tenth grandchild and our ninth grandson. I agree, these two youngest boys are likely to get into much trouble together, but I also imagine they will be thick as theives and each other's best friend. God bless as you await this little boy's birth and look forward to meeting him. Love, Mom

  2. It's awesome that the kids were able to go with you to meet the little fella on the screen! God is good for his so many miracles!

  3. I can't wait to meet this little guy. Echoing the earlier comment: how neat that the kids could see him. Very cool! Science lesson done for today! :)

  4. That is so awesome!! Abby is blessed to have such a slew of brothers to protect her and another set of brothers to mother. =) Personally, I think it's absolutely perfect. Jesse will love having a brother/best friend for life!!