Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tea, frogs, eyes and life

I feel like I have sand in my eyes.

I went to the eye doctor today and after 2 1/2 hours (!!!) finally left with contacts in hand and new glasses ordered. Phew! I'm not totally sure how I feel about the contacts. The ones I have are just to try out for a week. The prescription isn't exact, but since I was a little anxious about having them in my eyes, they gave me some to try for the week.

I've had them before. But I had the gas permeable kind before (the hard kind) and within an hour of putting them in, my eyes would be bloodshot and in great pain. These are soft and are feeling much better. I'm still not sure I want to keep them though.

Beyond that, life has been quite hectic this weekend. An old friend from Lakeside, Beth Weaver, came with her fiance to speak at our annual Women's Tea at church. Beth and Jacob stayed with us and we had a wonderful time getting to know Jacob and getting reaquainted with Beth. She did a wonderful job speaking at the Tea and it was so interesting to hear about God's work in Papua New Guinea.

One thing I found especially interesting was how quickly Abby took to them. All the kids did but Abby was the one always holding hands with them or sitting on their laps. She has certainly come out of her shell!

This week we have our first gym class with our homeschooling group. I am looking forward to getting to know some more homeschool families and the kids can't wait to make some new friends. We also have a field trip planned with them on Friday. It looks like we have a pretty busy week coming up, but that's good. Busy - good. Hectic - not so good. This weekend was hectic. I'm ready for some normal busy!

Oh! And we are now the proud owners of five tadpoles. I really can't say that I'm happy to have slimy little things swimming around in my dining room, but the kids are excited. We've been getting water from the lake at the park to put them in. It looks dirty, but Josh said it's probably the healthiest stuff for them. Hopefully they'll all survive and we'll someday be the proud owners of 5 little frogs. I honestly hadn't given any thought to what we'd do with the frogs until the tadpoles came in the mail. At least we have a good 11 weeks or so to think about it. Anybody want some frogs??

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