Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Tribute to my Sister

I'm writing this entry simply for the purpose of providing a laugh for my sister. It was her birthday yesterday and while I'd love to share the backstories behind all of these one-liners, there simply isn't space or time. So happy birthday, Sis, and I hope you enjoy this walk through memory lane! These are in no particular order. And I apologize for the large amounts of space after some pictures. That's just how they scanned in.

~ bumpy, striped pink wallpaper with giant flowers!

~ you arriving home from college with Jim's class ring on a chain around your neck and a dreamy look in your eyes at ALL times.
~ Red, Red Wine and I Just Called to Say I Love You - the first "rock" songs I knew courtesy of you.
~ the way your rug in junior high and high school always had coins stuck in it. It was a shag rug and I always knew where to go to find some extra cash! (I don't think I've ever told you that!!!)
~ the day you got special horse riding clothes - complete with the hat!
~ you and Holly playing dress up with me as the doll. Lets not go into details - I'm still scarred by the memory.
~ getting letters from you while you were in college. You've always been the one who's good at that!
~ you and your friends jumping off the top bunk onto a beanbag.
~ Jaws the mouse and Jasper the parakeet
~ you helping me write my very first love note/card complete with bubble writing and a fancy sticker!
~ playing in the playhouse that Grampy made for us.
~ watching you sneak into the house in summertime to watch a soap opera and almost daring to tattle so that mom would put on something we could both watch. Although, somehow I knew that idea wouldn't quite work out in favor of either of us!
~ the kartwheel that knocked out my bottom two teeth!
~ the cruise in Hawaii when everyone asked for pictures with the fair skinned, blue eyed girls. We felt like celebrities!

~ the license plate of your first car - I still remember it!
~ the fear I felt when I heard you'd crashed that car.
~ you playing with baby David on the floor when I was sick with the stomach flu and Josh was away.
~ hearing your laughter as you tell funny stories about your boys
~ going to the Dairy Bar at UConn as kids
~ sleepovers in your room on Christmas eve and your strict rule that I could not wake you up until 7am. I broke that rule every year!
~ giggling together until late at night during those sleepovers.
~ the youth group New Years Eve overnight at 49.
~ one of your birthday parties (I think you were 10) when everyone got a punch balloon! I had just had a shot in the butt that day and couldn't even sit down for your party.
~ your beautiful voice raised in song with three others at PCC.
~ napkin fights between you, me and Dad
~ matching sweaters for Christmas from Gail. Gorgeous sweaters!

~ many matching clothes made for us by mom.
~ you explaining to me about the birds and the bees at Grampy's house. And I didn't believe you!!
~ special luncheons at the Manchester house
~ how beautiful you looked on your wedding day!

~ getting baptized together
~ how much you remind me of Nana with your passion for cooking
~ going over to Nana and Papa's to play cards, eat sandwiches with the crust cut off or ravioli and drink iced tea with about a pound of sugar in it, and snagging candy out of the soup bowl! Oh, and I particularly remember that Nana kept a jar of double stuffed oreos just for you!
~ our time in Vienna with the Grissen kids and no parents for several days. What fun that was!
~ going to a craft fair together just after I got married. The woman at the gate sold us one adult and one child ticket. Guess who was mistaken for the child?!!!
~ Fluffenutter and PeanutButter the lop-eared bunnies
~ the beach ... searching for shells, swimming, building castles and throwing mud.
~ your love of all things nature

These are just a few. If I think longer, the list will never end! We've had some great times together and I look forward to many more over the years. Happy birthday, Christy! I love you! And may this year be full of wonderful memories with your own sweet family!


  1. Wow, this is so sweet Ali. I can't believe all you remember...definitely some things I don't. It feels a little like 'This Is Your Life!" I hope I'm not getting that old yet.

    Too funny about the craft fair child ticket, telling you about the facts of life (I can only cringe now at what I might have said), and the napkin fights. (Dad always won.) Funny, I've always thought 7a.m. was a good time to get up, even Christmas morning. Anytime earlier is too early and much later seems too late.

    Thanks for the memories and the sweet message. I love you too Sis. :)

  2. It was a joy to read this, Ali. It warms my heart! As different as sisters can be, there is a love that is shared with a sister that no one else ever knows.

  3. Ali, I've just FINALLY gotten around to spending time on your sweet, sweet blog, and this tribute to Christy just makes my heart hurt (in a good way). If I can add to the list--my dear sweet baby girl (who is about to get married to a Houghton grad, thanks to Christy's husband, ahem) used to call her favorite babysitter "Sticky" because she couldn't say "Christy." Also, I didn't see the class ring around the neck, but I remember inviting your big sister over when she was home on break from college, and seeing that dreamy look in her eye!