Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Saturday, October 30, 2010

100 Things

1. My dream job as a child was to be a wife and mother. I am living the dream.
2. In early spring I will find patches of sunlight and sit in them. Doesn't matter where they are, I just need the sun!
3. I cannot make good sound effects for guns, bombs, cars, airplanes or anything else boys love.
4. I'm always barefoot indoors, but hate to be barefoot outdoors.
5. Cleaning bathtubs is the bane of my existence.
6. I'm a chronic list-maker.
7. My two front teeth on the bottom were knocked out by my sister as she did a kartwheel.
8. I don't have a favorite color, but will claim blue just to give a short answer.
9. My first time using a lawn mower was at age 31.
10. I craved the smell of Comet with one pregnancy.
11. When sledding at night I used to be terrified that wolves would get me.
12. I had "notes" written out for all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen at our wedding rehearsal. Yes, I'm like that.
13. I'm terrified of spiders.
14. I can't listen to classical music unless I can sit and REALLY listen with complete focus.
15. I think leaf rubbings should be a part of every fall season.
16. My parents gave me coffee in my bottle because I didn't like milk. That may explain a lot.
17. My favorite place in the world is a little camp in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.
18. I didn't really learn to ride a bike until I was 10 or 11.
19. I didn't appreciate the simplicity of life with only one or two young children until I had three or four.
20. My braces came off the day AFTER school pictures were taken.
21. I eat whole tomatoes, raw potatoes and love most other veggies.
22. My best friend in the whole world is my husband.
23. I found the love of my life at age 17. I'm sure I'll be freaked out by that when my kids are 17!
24. Clean baby is my favorite smell.
25. I collect china and Kim Anderson figurines.
26. I have a very good memory. Especially about childhood events.
27. As a child I took ice skating, swimming,gymnastics, tennis, violin and piano lessons.
28. All that and I'm still not very athletic.
29. I have no cousins. Although I married into a family with tons of cousins!
30. I always try to have my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. And my cards go out the first week of December.
31. I religiously make the bed before getting into it at night.
32. A&E's Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite movie.
33. I have a very high pain tolerance - unless it involves throat pain.
34. I love to plan and organize events.
35. Japanese food is heavenly - not sushi {yuck!}, but hibachi.
36. Loved the college years.
37. Hated the high school years.
38. Reading silly kids books with my children is a delightful way to pass the time.
39. The Smurfs was my favorite cartoon growing up.
40. The only feet I like are baby feet.
41. I once played a violin solo for thousands of people in a huge arena.
42. I believe that everyone is beautiful and if you look deep enough you'll find beauty even in those you don't like.
43. I hope to teach at least one child how to speak German.
44. We have redneck curtains in our living room.
45. I bake for fun but cook out of necessity.
46. I'm not really a morning or night person. I love sleep!
47. Packages in the mail make the whole day better.
48. My personality is the exact opposite of my husband's.
49. I love hymns.
50. I miss hearing my Nana hum as she cooked.
51. I threw up on my first grade teacher.
52. My first time at Toys R Us and Chuck E Cheese was as an adult.
53. Every year I have standing rib roast and yorkshire pudding on my birthday.
54. I want to learn how to improvise more while playing the violin.
55. I believe that punctuality equals respect.
56. I once dyed my hair orange.
57. I was E.T. for several Halloweens.
58. I love to mud dive but haven't since college.
59. I hope to someday take my family to see the Swiss Alps and Salzburg, Austria.
60. I'm a stubborn mix of Swedish and German.
61. My favorite verses are from Isaiah 43:1-3.
62. Time with my husband is essential! It rejuvenates me.
63. I love to paint my toenails, but never paint my fingernails.
64. I have never pieced my ears or any other part of my body.
65. Soccer is my favorite sport to watch.
66. My hairstyle in 8th grade was hideous. But then, who's wasn't?
67. I have paid to go in a hot air balloon, but have yet to get on the flight.
68. I deliberately work to interest my kids in shows I loved as a child - partly so that I can watch them again.
69. I had 8 Cabbage Patch Kids as a child.
70. I really don't like moving. Although unpacking is fun.
71. I have learned about all things Star Wars since having children.
72. I sent my first "love note" to a boy in first grade. My big sister helped me with the bubble letters.
73. I am amazingly calm when my children are hurt or in danger. But if the milk spills, you'd better watch out!
74. I love Pepsi. Never diet.
75. I'm not artistic. I'm crafty.
76. As a child, the only allergy I tested positive for was sawdust. Ironically, I love the smell and will put up with the sneezing for as long as possible.
77. I feel guilty whenever I pass a child's lemonade stand and don't stop.
78. I started cross stitching baby blankets for my kids. They will now be for my grandchildren.
79. After visiting concentration camps I can no longer read or watch anything about World War II.
80. Sitting in the dark with a lit Christmas tree and gentle music is my favorite part of the Christmas season.
81. Alarm clocks have the ability to stress me out faster than anything else.
82. I often dream of people that God wants me to pray for. If I don't pray for them, I'll dream of them night after night. Sometimes it's people I haven't seen in decades.
83. I've endured inducement, back labor, an epidural, no pain meds, an emergency C-section, a VBAC and a homebirth.
84. I know how to polka.
85. I miss the joy of getting snail mail instead of emails.
86. I have read every Beverly Lewis book.
87. I can't rollerskate. And I'm pretty bad at iceskating too.
88. I can remember childhood friends' phone numbers and birthdates.
89. I have a tendency to break watches. I've given up wearing them.
90. I deeply miss the ocean each summer.
91. My dream vacation is to take my kids to the camp I attended as a child.
92. Tradition is very important to me.
93. The summer before college was a defining time in my life.
94. Hearing about someone's life journey is my favorite moment in making a new friend.
95. Dvorak is my favorite composer.
96. When making a list, I will write things that I've already accomplished simply to cross them off.
97. I have large gaps in my memory for the 9 months of each pregnancy.
98. I prefer silver to gold.
99. Music can absolutely affect my mood.
100. I'm continually thankful that God teaches me through everyday moments.

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  1. we have a ton in common - makes me wish you lived closer! what a fun and interesting list :)