Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Monday, May 31, 2010

Honor and Respect

Today is Memorial Day. A day when we honor and remember those who have served our country and especially those who have given their lives protecting our freedoms.

For the first time since having kids, we went to a Memorial Day parade and ceremony. Our town has one every year, but in the four years that we have lived here, we just haven't attended. This year since the kids have been home every day due to homeschooling, we hear the band practice at lunchtime. So, they've been begging for a parade.

Now, when my kids ask to go to a parade it's for a specific reason. The only other parade they know of is our town's July 4th parade. And that particular parade is a child's paradise! Every float and every vehicle is loaded with candy that is thrown to eager little hands. My kids each take a bag to collect candy and we come home each year with FOUR bags full of candy!! So, when we say "parade" they hear "candy".

Today was a different story. The parade was small and there was no candy. And I'm so glad we went. It was really good for my kids to see that there are ceremonies with a somber tone. Ones where they need to stand at the appropriate times to show respect and where they can see a community coming together to honor those who give their lives so selflessly.

I want my kids to understand the importance of holidays like Memorial Day. I want to pass on to the next generation a healthy respect for and pride in our nation. And I want my children to understand the heritage of their country. May God indeed bless America!

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