Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ants Come Marching ...

Yuck. It has happened again. The ants have found our kitchen.

This time I think they were driven in by all the rain we've been getting. But who am I kidding? They find us every summer. And it's always the same. They begin on the kitchen floor, then spread to the counters, then move to other parts of the house despite our spraying in and around the house. It's the itty bitty, teeny weeny ants that you can hardly see and that leave you feeling like they are all over you. Blech!

I really hate this particular part of summer. And to tell you the truth, I've been dreading it for several weeks now. Knowing it was coming, but not knowing when.

But, I'm trying to find a bright side, and I think I finally have. The bright side is that I'm in the house all the time. The ants may be here for a bit. And yes, they are ridiculously annoying. But, I only have to deal with the bugs for a short time each year. Otherwise, aside from an occasional spider, I have a relatively bug-free home. What a wonderful thing!

I really, really don't like bugs, so this is something that I need to take a moment and give thanks for. I don't live outside, I don't have dirt floors or dirt walls. I don't have critters vying for my bed each night.

We've been reading the Little House on the Prarie books and I love how Laura describes her life in such detail. But she leaves out something that my imagination cannot let go of ... the bugs. I'm sure that in their little house or when they slept in the wagon there were bugs everywhere! I actually think about that as I read the book! And here I am complaining about a few little ants that will eventually be gone - hopefully soon.

So, I'm choosing to thank God for our wonderful house, our shelter from the rain, the wind and the bugs. And even when I have to kill the 197th ant, I will again remind myself to be thankful.

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  1. This post reminded me of some of our own ant problems, Ali! Yuck! Makes my skin crawl to think of it! But your thankfulness *is* exemplary! I replied to your question on my blog...just wanted to let you know! (-: