Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Still Do!!

On this day 11 years ago, I was putting on the fanciest dress I'll ever wear, packing last minute items for a much anticipated trip and nervously waiting for my big moment! That's right, I was getting married!! 11 years ago today, I made a choice that has altered my life for the better every day since.

I remember getting to the church just before the wedding started and watching my bridesmaids walk down the aisle. I wasn't nervous until the doors closed and I stood alone with my Dad waiting for my turn. It's not that I was nervous to get married, but rather to walk that long aisle in front of so many people to finally get to Josh! But, I should have known that my love would set my mind at ease. As I took my first few steps and he came into sight, this is what I saw: A groom eagerly standing at the front of the church, grinning from ear to ear! He was actually FLIRTING with me in front of the entire church, winking and making me feel like a treasured princess.

Now, I've been to many weddings (one of the perks of being a pastor's wife) and I sadly admit that most grooms don't behave in this manner. I've seen more somber men than young bucks enthusiastically welcoming their brides. Each time a bride walks the aisle, I watch the groom to see his expression and his joy. But I have got to admit that even after 11 years, I have yet to see a man welcome his bride with as much enthusiasm and excitement as mine did! Way to go, Josh!!

And now, 11 year later, I still see him receive me with the same vigor. Oh, it's not that every time I walk in the door, he rushes to my side and can't wait to greet me. But, I definitely see that same spark from time to time and it brings joy up from my toes to know that I am still desired and deeply loved by this incredible man. I love the possessive arm that he places around me as we talk with others, I love the fact that the pastor holds my hand as we worship in church, I love that he continues to pursue me with his kind acts and loving words, and I love that our chemistry has not waned despite poochy tummies, 4 pregnancies and a busy life. And I love that he so readily translates his love for God into love for me and the kids.

So, here's to us, my love! I look forward to the next many, many years with you! And today I toast to that young buck and shy doe who had no clue what a fabulous adventure was in store!

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