Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An interesting to-do

I had an odd thing happen today. I was driving to a neighboring town to do some shopping and to stop at the library. As I got off the main highway and headed toward the library, I realized that a cop was following me. At least I thought it was a cop. The car was unmarked, but to be safe, I drove very carefully and with the speed limit.

Just as I pulled into the downtown area the police man put on his lights and pulled me over! I couldn't imagine what I had been doing wrong, but I slowly pulled to the curb and began getting out my license as I waited for him to approach my car. It seemed to take FOREVER for him to finally get to my window and during that excruciating wait I catalogued every reason I could think of for why he might have pulled me over.

When he got to my window, he said, "Ma'am, have you been driving from Evansville?" Why yes, I had been! What does that have to do with anything?! Then he said the most ridiculous thing. He told me that someone had phoned in about a light brown car that was driving erratically. I couldn't imagine why someone would call in about my driving, but I just listened as he continued. "The driver of the car passed another car and then went into the ditch. Was that you?"

Well, goodness. First of all, if I had driven into a ditch, I wouldn't be all the way into the other town. I'd either be still sitting in the ditch waiting for Josh to come and get me, or if I had gotten out on my own, I would have driven home, shaking all the way! But of course, I didn't launch into this explanation to the policeman. All I said was, "I didn't pass anyone on the way here."

That seemed good enough for him. He said that he'd been watching my driving for some time and didn't feel that anything was wrong with me (thanks for the vote of confidence) and that my license plate didn't actually match the one that was called in anyway (so why pull me over in the first place?). So, after wishing me a good day, he strode back to his car and I took off.

I couldn't remember if you are supposed to let the cop pull out first or if you can go ahead and leave. Either way, I left first and was then left kicking myself because it caused him to once again be following me. Needless to say I rid myself of him as soon as I could!


  1. Thankful you weren't in a ditch!

  2. I was pulled over once by a policeman who said my van matched the description of one that had just left the gas station without paying. Thankfully I didn't match the description of the driver. His parting shot as he left was, "You might want to slow down a bit anyway." The kids still talk about that one.