Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancin' Fools!

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday was my 11 year wedding anniversary. Josh and I debated for several days about how to celebrate. We had planned on dinner, but then wondered if that was such a good choice given the many graduation parties we'd be attending in the afternoon and all of the eating we'd be obliged to endure at said parties. I know, it's a tough life we live. We thought we could visit the botanical gardens nearby since we have yet to see them in the four years we've lived here. But, then the rain came.

So, we decided on the next best thing. We went bowling.

Now, you should know that we are NOT bowlers. We have fun, but we really are terrible at it! So, after three rather pitiful games, we decided to call it quits. And after turning in our shoes and washing our hands, I found Josh wandering around the small arcade.

I hate arcades. They just rob you of your money. The problem is that you do terribly on the first game and then have to redeem your score. So you end up paying ridiculous money to play a game that has no impact on your life and just sucks your time and energy. Can you tell we don't have video games in our house?

Anyway ... Saturday night changed my opinion of one particular arcade game. It's called Dance Dance Revolution. It's one of those dance machines where they have four pads that you step on as the screen directs you on what to do. I've seen them in movies and was positive that never in my life would I do something so ridiculous - especially not in public. After all, I'm not a teen, I'm a responsible adult! And I really don't need teens laughing at me either.

But, Josh wanted to try it. And since it was our anniversary, I reluctantly agreed to indulge his whim. Whew! Those machines are a workout! After dancing the first set together, we were both sweating and breathing hard. And then we decided to try again. Remember how I told you about the money sucking machines? We fell for it hook, line and sinker!

We had a blast trying again and again to get our foot patterns just so. Neither one of us is very graceful, so I'm sure we were quite a sight to behold. We kept getting off the pads because of our enthusiasm, and failed several rounds, but at least we gave it a shot and were willing to laugh at ourselves and let others laugh with us ... or at us. Although if this shows up on youtube somewhere I'll deny that it's me till my dying day!

So after an hour of dancing, we finally left, tired and exhausted and headed to a late dinner. The dinner was good, and the bowling was enjoyable, but the dancing MADE the date! And as we drove home, it was wonderful to realize that even after 11 years of marriage, we can still find new things to do together and be spontaneous. Nomatter how ridiculous we may look to the rest of the world! Despite the sore joints and heavy eyelids the next morning, it was totally worth it to let down and just have FUN together.

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  1. That sounds great and I wish it would end up on youtube because that would be great. Glad that you had a great anniversary. Congrats again on 11yrs.