Taking Life One Step At A Time

Taking Life One Step At  A Time

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday we attended a wedding. At every wedding, I long to reach for my husband's hand as the couple declares their love for one another, but alas, he is a pastor, and I rarely get to share that moment with him.

However, there were some very special moments that came out of the day yesterday.

Always, at weddings there is a moment that causes my eyes to well up with tears. It's never the same moment and I never know what will trigger that "moment". Yesterday, there were two moments in the ceremony that I found especially meaningful. The first was as the congregation joined in song. As we sang the words to the praise hymn, "O Praise Him", I looked up to see the bride and groom joyfully singing praises to their Maker in the midst of their wedding ceremony. What an appropriate thing to do! To give glory to the One who brought them together and who is the foundation of their relationship is the most fitting response they could have.

The second moment was as the recessional music began and the bride and groom literally danced their way out of the sanctuary with grins stretching from ear to ear. Another perfectly fitting response! I wish that every wedding ended with the bride and groom so joyfully expressing their love.

After returning home, my sweet daughter and I twirled in our floofy dresses until we could no longer stand. A third moment to cherish!

The last moment was at the end of the night. The bride and groom chose to put other couples on the spot when the glasses were clinked and asked that whatever couple was chosen out of the hat would show the bride and groom how to kiss. The newlyweds would then imitate the kiss as the crowd laughed and celebrated. Of course, Josh and I were chosen. And for the last kiss, no less! Most ideas had already been taken for a creative kiss, so here's what we did:

That's right. Throw out your idea of a stodgy, chaste pastor. Mine has all the passion in the world! It was a fun way to close out the night for us. And it has led to much teasing in church today. Someday, we'll hopefully live this down.


  1. I hope you don't live down love like that! I would take all the teasing in the world in exchange for moments like that!